San Francisco




San Francisco has shaped me into who I am and I would never take that away. Being an introvert I have found myself early on and I believe this city has lead me towards my future. So want to know more? Just keep on reading!

On my first trip here we did all of the touristy things such as…

  • Going to Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Taking a Ferry ride
  • Sausalito day trip
  • Alcatraz night tour
  • Biking to Golden Gate
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Pilgrimage to the Full House
  • Ghirardelli Square
  • Alamo Square
  • all of it!

We also went on a tour of UCSF because at the time I was planning for medical school.

So now I address the question… How did you find yourself here?

Well.. I vividly remember that on the way to UCSF I was already having a bad day and was following google maps to get myself there. I ended up angry with my mother because she was noting on how far out of the way it was, but I was enjoying the walk to see and get to know the city as well as I love walking. I ended up walking too far ahead and lost her in the middle of Golden Gate Park. However, I felt oddly calm and it felt like I was where I was supposed to be. From that moment I dropped everything I had ever been holding onto and made it my goal to one day live in the place that felt like home.

The next year, I went back to stay for a little over a week by myself. I got a glimpse of what my life would be like and who I would become. I have never felt better than when I was there. I started to find myself and I uncovered a whole new side of who I am. I began to be someone I always wanted to be without even realizing it and I truly believe this occurred because I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

Now mind you I was at a medical program and was also discovering my future and figuring out who I wanted to be in this world, which I also discovered whilst here. All I can say is that I recommend having a similar experience to everyone because it truly changed who I am and opened my eyes. I completely got out of my comfort zone and I grew so much as a person that I know would have never happened if I said no to this opportunity. Moral= go get experiences!


My trip during the summer of 2017 was focused on college visits… or so my mom thought. We did tour San Francisco State University but that was only a small part of our trip. I had been anticipating this trip for weeks, even months, and was beyond excited. I wanted this to be more realistic of what I would do here on a weekend. So I planned out the entire trip but also didn’t, just wanting the city to take me where it wanted. We ended up walking the Golden Gate because that is something I will never ever get tired of, ate at not so popular restaurants but just ones that looked good, shopped around local shops, hiked on the Lands End Trail, saw the Cliff House and walked the beach, gave directions to strangers, and just walked around. I honestly knew the city inside and out by this point and just felt so at peace. I was finally home.

So after all this, whats the point?

Follow your heart. Always. Find what makes you happy and where you truly feel like yourself. Find yourself and dwell on that feeling. Never let go and always keep reaching for it.

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