Fall Fashion

Here we go again with the fall theme! I love fall and the outfits that coincide with it so today’s post is all about fashion. These are outfits I wore when I was in NYC recently, but I will also list some alternatives that are perfect for fall as well!

First, a classic monochomatic black look is always a good go to for fall. I chose a simple black denim dress with a black off the shoulder top and a classic black jacket.

79526056-6995-455F-AD52-C9B1D5183077.jpegYou could also wear a sweater underneath and add a scarf in either print , black, or a plain color.

Next, a classic pair of jeans or leggings with a simple sweater and a jacket will keep you warm. Also pair with thigh high boots or chelsea boots as I chose to wear. Go with colors such as maroon, burnt orange, white, black, navy, or olive to keep the fall scheme going.

59615836-9B90-4697-BB11-6EF0A2C973B3.jpegOff the shoulder sweaters/tops are in right now so wear them on warmer days or make sure your sweater is super cozy!

The last outfit I wore in NYC was on a rajny Sunday. Monochomatic black is my favorite so I went with black leggings (or jeans), a black top, jacket, and a rain jacket on top of this. It felt right to wear black on a gloomy day but also layers to keep warm. Pair with a scarf and some rain boots or ones that won’t let your feet get soaked!

636BE7A3-A842-48DD-9DDF-431D74D08023.jpegThese are just a few simple outfits that can be changed up and fit to match your own style. Keep warm and happy fall!

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