New Years Resolutions

I know New Years resolutions may seem intimidating or most people give up on them after just a few weeks, but if you want to really make a change and help them stick, here are my tips on starting the new year off right!

  1. Make a list and make it pretty: Make a small list of things you want to do or things you want to improve. If it seems too big then start small, little changes can make a big difference by the end of the year and you will feel accomplished. Write it in an attractive font or color so it is more pleasing to look at everyday and keep you motivated. Then hang it up or put it somewhere you look every single day, like on your mirror or in your planner.

Image result for new years resolutions list

2. Keep a journal of your progress: Have a notebook and either log daily or weekly of how you are doing on your resolutions. This is time to self reflect and also keep on top of your goals and be accountable so you don’t drop them after two weeks.

3. Add new goals or adjust them as time goes, add or subtract based on what you can handle and focus on what is most important.

I hope these tips help to start your year off right and heres to 2018!

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